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C Programming

C is a general-purpose, Imperative and Procedural programming language. It is fast, portable and available on all platforms.

If you are new to programming, C is a good choice to start your programming journey. You should follow this course step by step and at last, you find yourself a genius programmer.


Part 1C-IntroductionDuration(Hrs.)
1C Introduction1
2Compiler Setup and Installation.5
3Your First C Program1
4C Compilation Stages1
Part 2C - Basics Duration(Hrs.)
1Keywords and identifier 1
2Variable and Constants1
3Data type In C 2
4Type Qualifiers in C 2
5Input/Output In C 2
6Operators 4
Part 3C- Flow Control MethodsDuration(Hrs.)
1Flow Control In C1
2if-else statement4
3Loops/Iteration method8
4switch-case In C4
5continue and break statements2
6goto statement in C2
7Flow Control Examples6
Part 4 C- FunctionDuration(Hrs.)
1Function In C2
2User-defined function in C4
3Function Calling In C5
4Pointer In C4
5Call by value and Call by reference4
6Recursion In C2
Part 5C- Array and StringDuration(Hrs.)
2Types of Array2
3Pointer Use In Array3
4Array Input In Function Call4
5String In C3
Part 6C- Structure and UnionDuration(Hrs.)
2Structure Packing,Alignment and Padding3
3Array of Structure3
4Structure Input In Function Call3
4C -Union3

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