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Structure In C


Unlike an array, Structure is the collection of heterogeneous data type elements.

A structure is a secondary data type.unlike an array, it is used to collect different-2 data types element.


where tag_name is optional.

structure_variable_Name is identifier through which you can access any member with dot(.) operator.


Requirement: You want to save information of an employee in memory.

Employee Information:

Information DataType
Namestring(Array of char dataType)
employeIdunsigned int

You have two option to save this info in memory –

— Declare the separate variables for each info.

— Use structure concept and store all heterogeneous info with a single identifier.

— I will prefer the second choice for smart programming-

empInfo: structure tag or name

emp: structure empInfo type variable.

Memory Map of Structure

Use of (.) operator

dot(.) operator is used by the structure identifier to access the members of a structure.

— emp.name=const_value1

— emp.empId=const_value2

— emp.salary=const_value3

Use of (->) Pointer operator

— emp->name=const_value1

— emp->empId=const_value2

— emp->salary=const_value3



typedef use in Structure

typedef is used to give an alias name to the existing data type.Through the use of typedef, we can assign an alias name to the existing struct data type.


Let’s apply typedef in above example –


Nested structure

Nesting of structure means use of structure inside a structure.


In above structure empBday  which is itself a structure is the member of another structure named empInfo .This process is called nesting of structure.