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EmbedClogic is a platform for sharing knowledge and ideas related to the programming language, especially C. We are inviting articles from C users and experts on topics related to C application. Please read these guidelines before submitting your article.

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Your article should be related to Programming Languages, It should be original and never published before on any platform including your own website or blog. Please don’t plagiarize, we check articles with plagiarism checking tools before accepting them for publication. Submit article with all images, videos and lesson files, and ensure that you own copyrights for all content you are submitting.

Try to select a topic which is not already covered on EmbedClogic, also try to write detailed and authoritative content on the topic you choose.

Minimum length of the article should be 800 words and there is no maximum limit on the number of words for the article. don’t add fluff to the article to increase word count, we may edit your article depending upon requirement, but we will try to keep the article as original as possible with little or no change.

We will give you complete credit for the article, you can also include a link to your social media profile with your short bio in the article. By allowing us to publish your article you are agreeing that you will not publish the same article or its modified version on any other online or print platform including your own website or blog.


You can include as many links as you want in the article but they should be relevant to the topic and useful for readers. We may remove some of the links which are spammy or unrelated to the article. You can also link to your website, blog or social media profile via author bio section.


Write your article on MS Word and include a short bio or description about you at the end of article with a link to your blog/website or social media profile like Twitter or LinkedIn and your image preferably head shot and send it to admin@embedclogic.com.

We may take 2-3 days to review your article and we will inform you via email if your article is selected or rejected.

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