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UDS-Remote Activation Of Routine

This function unit has only one service Id 0x31 “Remote Activation Of Routine“. This service is used by the client to perform various project specific functions through OEM-specific routine Identifier.

Service Request ServiceIDResponse ServiceIDSub-Function
Routine Control Service0x310x71Yes

There are Basically three SUB-function under this service –

Start routine – Initiate any service and used to indicate start/completion of any service

Stop routine – Through this sub-function Client can interrupt running service at any time inside server.

Requestroutineresult– It is basically a request message by client to get the result of service from server.

So Basically this service is used for –

  1. To notify the start/stop execution of any task.
  2. To erase memory or perform a checksum of integrity after download etc.


Suppose you want to erase data of flash memory prior to download.let as per OEM specification –

Routine Identifier for Erase memory Function = 0xAABB then

Request(Client—>Server) = 0x31 01 0xAA 0xBB ….. ……. ……

if memory erase successfully then

Pos. Response(client<——-Server)= 0x71 01 0xAA 0xBB … …. …. …

Negative Response(client<——-Server)= 0x7F 0x31 01 0xAA 0xBB … …. …. …

Like this Client can perform the various function inside UDS enabled server through different identifier and these data Identifier are depends on Manufacture diagnostic specification.