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UDS-Input/Output Control

UDS Input-output control unit has only one service id i.e 0x2F. This service ID is used by the tester to control the input signals /internal functionalities or output of UDS enabled Server ECU.

Service Request ServiceIDResponse ServiceIDSub-Function
Input/Output Control Service0x2F0x6FNo
(there are Application specific Data identifier to perform Specific task)

Input/Output Control Service Message

ECU Identifier: Is like a sub-function.As in the above frame format, ECU Identifier represents some specific set of input/output signals and those can be only accessible if tester sends that particular identifier.its may have single or multi-byte value.

Input/Output Control Parameter(optional):

A tester also can request to server through optional bytes –

  1. Return Control To ECU – Indicates To server that the client has no longer access and the mentioned signal gets its control.
  2. Reset to defaultIndicates To server that set mentioned input and output signal, and internal parameters to its default value.
  3. Freeze Current State  Indicates To server that freeze mentioned input, output signal, and internal parameters to its current value
  4. Short-Term Adjustment Indicates To server that set its input, output signal and internal parameters to the provided value.